fiesta tradicional

Fiesta Tradicional is where the good time lives in the Portland Mercado! This "traditional party shop" has been operating in "La Pulga", the flea market in Gresham, since 2006, selling Mexican candies, hand-made piñatas from recycled materials, savory snacks and just about anything you need to give your party a Latino twist for a guaranteed good time. Fiesta Tradicional is happy to make custom-ordered piñatas to sync up with your celebration for any occasion. 

meet the owners

Originally from Distrito Federal, Mexico, Monica and Humberto Moreno are co-owners of Fiesta Tradicional and incredibly dedicated business owners. They are a true family business and even their children (Sonja, pictured below) play a role. Monica first joined Hacienda as an original member of the asamblea, the dedicated group of Latino entrepreneurs who helped plan and develop the Portland Mercado.  Monica and her whole family have been working hard everyday to reach their dream of owning their very first full-time party shop.

about Monica

country of origin Mexico City, mexico

in portland for 8 years

lived before portland  sacramento

likes about Portland  The  weather, the seasons, the trees, especially pine trees

speciality product handmade PIÑATAS in all shapes, colors and sizes

other products: candy, snacks, decorations, balloons

goals for business to open a shop at the portland mercado and eventually grow into a larger space -- the premier party shop in portland

We are very excited about opening our business full-time at the Portland Mercado. This is a team project and we are looking forward to working with other businesses — supporting them, trading with them and eating their foods!
— Monica Moreno, Fiesta Tradicional

sobre Monica

PAÍS DE ORIGEN  Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

viviendo en Portland 8 años

vivio antes de portland sacramento

que le gusta de portlandel clima, las temporadas, los arboles, especificamente los pinos

especialidad PIÑATAS hecho a mano en diferentes colores, medidas y tipos. 

otros productos dulces, botanas, globos, decoraciones

metas para su negocio  abrir un negocio en el portland mercado y de convertirse en la tienda y PIÑATeria y dulceria premier en portland


EMAIL   fiesta tradicional

PHONE  360.953.3742 

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