Portland Mercado takeover at Feastly pdx

Latin American culinary history is full with collaborations between centuries-old cultures and local and traditional ingredients, which produce uniquely rich, diverse and nuanced flavors. This special pop-up series will feature some of the amazing entrepreneurs that have gone through our Portland Mercado Incubator Program or have shared their culture through the Mercado.

The Portland Mercado takeover at Feastly will highlight Latino food-cart owners as the creative chefs they truly are, to an audience they don't always connect with. 

We want to celebrate authentic flavors, rooted in cherished memories, from chefs with extraordinary life stories.

Chef Anthony Banegas of El Coquí:

Portland's only Puerto Rican Eatery

Chef Anthony "Tony" Banegas invites Portland to experience the traditional flavors of his native home town: San Juan, Puerto Rico.  With El Coquí (named after Puerto Rico's infamously loud frogs), Tony hopes to emulate the eponymous amphibians. The bold flavors of his native cuisine will make some serious noise in Portland. 

"El Canto del Coqui", (The Song of the Coqui) is Anthony's love ballad to his island home. Sample the dishes Tony grew up with, from an assortment of street snacks to indulgent tres leches cake.

Get tickets to El Canto del Coqui: Puerto Rico via PDX, March 2, 2018

Chef Mathilde Wilson of Mathilde's Kitchen:

Portland's only Haitian Eatery

Originally from St. Croix, Haiti, Mathilde Aurelian-Wilson learned to cook from living in the many cultures of the Caribbean including Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti. Today Mathilde operates Mathilde's Kitchen, a beloved cart offering Portland the soothing flavors and dishes of her home. Expect to be greeted with warm smiles and fresh, delicious Haitian dishes: Griots, bannann pesé, pikliz, curried goat, kongo pea and joumou soup.

Get tickets to Mathilde's Kitchen: Haitian Comfort Food, March 23, 2018

Chef Veronica Gutierrez of La Arepa:

Veronica and the Gutierrez family left Venezuela in 2007 and have been living in SE Portland ever since. In 2011, they opened La Arepa, following it up with a second SE location after an incredible reception from the Portland Community.  Their Venezuelan fare runs the gamut from slow-cooked comfort to elevated street food, infusing NW ingredients to great fanfare. 

"Bululú" is the Venezuelan expression of the sound a large crowd makes. With a menu of pabellon criollo, delectable quesillo and of course their namesake arepas this dinner will sure to make some noise.

Get tickets to Bululú: A Venezuelan Feast, March 8, 2018

Chef Dora Reyna of Las Adelas:

Dora's love for cooking is reflected in all the traditional flavors people can taste at Adelas food cart in the Portland Mercado. From birria to huaraches and going beyond crafting delicious and beautiful dishes, Adelas' traditional Mexican fare will transport you straight to the mercados of mexico.

For Dora, cooking is a conduit to do what she loves, while introducing her children and younger generations to the diverse roots of Mexican culture. 

Get tickets to Las Adelas: Classic Mexican Comfort, March 29, 2018