from a dream to a reality

Our project, an incubator model and economic development initiative of Portland non-profit Hacienda CDC, provides affordable retail space for businesses to launch and grow, and is a hub for Latino culture in Portland. The development of this project is inspired by entrepreneurship, Latino cultural history and heritage, traditional and local foods, social enterprise, vibrant cultures, and public markets throughout the world. 

Since 2010 we have been working hard with a group of committed entrepreneurs to raise funds, grow business ideas into concepts, integrate with our neighbors and respond to the needs of our communities. The dream of developing the first Latino public market in Portland was and is a response to wealth disparities in our region and the strong community desire to have a center for commerce based on Latino heritage. The grassroots community driven effort including planning workshops, surveys, interviews and hours of researching similar markets around the country. The results confirmed a strong potential and need for a Latino public market place, which we opened in April of 2015.

Some documents that highlight the journey of our project:


A bridge between cultures

We built the Portland Mercado because we believe that entrepreneurship will change the world and unite our cultural communities. We believe that small businesses and culture are the cornerstone of a integrated and equitable city.

Our building and site offers affordable retail space and a cultural platform for Latinos and other entrepreneurs to start or grow a business. The businesses here span food, grocery, retail and service. We recognize that food brings people together and we invite you to visit and support the Portland Mercado, where you can experience a Portland-style replication of a trip to Latin America, all while supporting a non-profit that believes that affordable retail space is as important as affordable housing and access to education. 

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


A cross sector development

Portland Mercado is a community driven effort, developed by non-profit Hacienda Community Development Corporation, supported by federal, local, foundation and private sector dollars all to support small businesses and a strong sense of community and place for Latinos and diverse cultures in our city.



Some notable achievements

  • Developed cross-sector relationships with federal, state and local agencies
  • Fundraised over three million
  • Received awards and nominations including Sustainable Business Oregon's Innovator in Sustainability (2013) and the City of Portland's Spirit of Portland (2014) Awards.
  • Built a place for dining in, taking to go and grocery shopping for the surrounding neighborhoods
  • Recorded over 2.5 million in sales for 19 small businesses in first year
  • Created 114 new jobs in the first year of business
  • Welcomed an average of 580 people per day