Kaah Market

Kaah Market provides fresh produce, bulk items and imported goods from Latin America, satisfying your grocery shopping needs. From chiles to queso, pomelos to cilantro, Kaah Market looks forward to being one of the region's coziest and accessible neighborhood Latino markets. Be sure to grab a fresh coconut, cut to order, in house salsas and handmade blue and yellow corn tortillas on the weekends. 

 Meet the owner

Erick Caravantes is a family man. He is following in his family's footsteps to open his first business, a grocery business, just like his grandparents and parents did in their home country of Guatemala. He is doing it because he loves healthy, tropical food and wants to provide his family with jobs and opportunities.  This venture allows him to leave his full time job at Fred Meyer to pursue his dreams. 

About Erick

Country of origin Guatemala

In portland for 25 years

worked before owning Kaah  Fred Meyer

Business name means  Kaah means  "neighborhood" in mayan

Likes about Porltand  The  portland TrailBlazers, greenery

Interests music, family

Goals for business to provide good quality produce for other portland mercado vendors and the local neighborhood, jobs for his family & to grow into the New Seasons of latino grocers

Opening my first business in the Portland Mercado means a lot to my family and allows us to connect to our community in Portland.
— Erick Caravantes, Kaah Neighborhood Market

Sobre Erick

País de origen  Guatemala

Viviendo en Portland 25 añosm

trabajaba antes de Kaah Fred meyer

Qué significa el nombre de negocio Kaah significa "barrio" en el idioma maya

Qué le gusta de Portland Portland Trail Blazers, el medioambiente verde

Intereses la musica, la familia

Metas para su negocio  ofrecer productos de calidad para los otros negocios en el Mercado y para el vecindario, trabajos para su familia y de crecer un negocio exitoso como New Seasons



PHONE  503.523.9747 

website: www.kaahmarket.com

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