Would you like to host an event at the Portland Mercado? 

We try to remain flexible with requests, but due to the nature of being a group of businesses open from 10am-9pm, we must ensure that events benefit the businesses using the space and that the flow for regular clientele is not disrupted. We require that all food is sourced through all Portland Mercado prepared food vendors and that alcohol is arranged with BARRIO, the beer and wine shop. The exception is if you also rent the kitchen. Outdoor events during the warmer months are the most likely to be possible. Indoor space is limited and will be shared space with the public.

Please fill out the form below to see if we are a good fit and we will contact you within a week.

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FOOD and DRINKS - We do not allow outside food or drinks at the Portland Mercado. Our businesses offer a diverse selection of food options and we can work with them to ensure that you have what you need. All food will be served from the food carts (there are 8). Please inquire to learn more about food and let us know what you are seeking. BARRIO offers beer and wine service.
EVENT STRUCTURE - we have some covered seating available, but you might need to bring additional equipment for your event. We also have an additional parking lot available on request for larger, outdoor events. Please note, we do not rent out event equipment, but we are happy to coordinate or refer you to an event rental services company.