Gracias Portland 

UPDATE as of 10/28/2016: We have raised over $15,000 from businesses and individual donors, including a $5,000 matched donation from the Portland Trail Blazers Foundation, that will be used for infrastructure and investments into the businesses and the property. All businesses are open! We are grateful everyday for this community support. We kindly ask that you support us by coming here for meals, shopping and events. Tonight we are hosting Edna Vazquez, Cilantro and Oleada to kick off our Dia de Los Muertos celebrations. Your continued patronage is the best gift you can give right now. Gracias a todos.  We will be announcing a community appreciation day in November and you are all invited! To donors, we will be sending you something soon. 

The City Of Portland who owns the building and the property also voted in favor to support the gap in expenses that the Mercado needs to cover losses and new infrastructure, up to $20,000. We appreciate this gesture from our partners at the City including the Mayor, commissioners and Portland Development Commission. However, it's unsure at this time if we will need these funds thanks to our insurance and your generous response. We recognize that other establishments in our neighborhood have also been targeted. We are working together to find solutions that help the collective of our City, neighborhood, and community, and we appreciate all of you in supporting that as well. Pa'lante!

POSTED 10/25:

Dear Portland Mercado Patrons/Neighbors & Community, 

Most Portlanders are aware that the food and beverage industry generally slows down a lot when days are shorter and wetter. Our Mercado community is committed to stay afloat to support our families and provide food and a welcoming, inclusive space for all during the winter.  As we enter the slower season, we are saddened to report that on Sunday, October 23rd, Portland Mercado suffered damage to 8/10 food carts, with 6 food carts experiencing break-ins. This unfortunate occurrence resulted in loss of inventory, cash, equipment, personal items and the ability to open to the public. The total damage is estimated at $25,000, not accounting for the loss in sales for each business who cannot open due to operational challenges and inventory loss. While we are frustrated at this time, we are not giving up and we are confident that this will only make us stronger and more resilient. 

Click here to support us! UPDATE as of 10/26 12:45 -- we have raised $10,062 

While we have set up an online donation system to support losses to the vendors during this time, we first and foremost really appreciate your patronage. We want to make sure that this does not defeat a small business' chance to survive through the winter. Now more than ever your patronage matters. Here is how you can support us:

1. Come eat! We are open everyday from 10am-9pm. We will be sure to announce businesses who open on our social media. On Monday 10/24 Don Churro and Fernando's Alegria were able to open. 

2. We are having a party!  Come with your friends and family for Dia de Los Muertos Weekend October 28-30. We will be accepting donations on site and have some great community events. Check out the schedule and add it to your calendar. 

3. Book your holiday party with us. 

4. Donate by clicking here or on the button below. 

5. Have an idea? Share it with us! 

Mil gracias-- estamos juntos. Pa'lante

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