Taste of latinOamérica 2018 - Vendor application

Join us for fourth annual Taste of Latinamérica, a food and cultural festival in the heart of Southeast Portland!

Last year we welcomed over 20 vendors and 5,000 guests creating an estimated economic impact of over $35,000, while supporting the launch of three new food businesses.

Taste of Latinamérica 2018 will deliver a unique-to-the-region Latin American culinary and cultural experience, while creating economic development opportunities for latino entrepreneurs. 

We plan to welcome around 20 food vendors representing different countries and regions of Latin America -- Mexico, Central America, Caribbean Islands and South America. To compliment the diversity of foods and beverages, there will be a wide variety of high quality Latin American entertainment including live music, dancing, kid friendly activities and art.

Spaces are limited. Please submit your application as a food or service/retail. Applications will be reviewed on a first come first served basis and preference will be given to businesses that represent the diversity of Latin American cuisine and culture, or who have been in the Portland Mercado Empresarios program, or prior vendors at our events. 

The event is free to guests.  Completed online applications, along with payment will be reviewed in a timely manner and applicants will be notified and contacted with approval within 1 week. The Portland Mercado will refund 100% of vendor fees if your application is not approved. Vendors must use only biodegradable service ware -- NO STYROFOAM and NO PLASTIC. You must provide your own 10' x 10' canopy.

Vendor Fees: 

  1. Service or Retail no electricity; $100

  2. Service or Retail with electricity; $150

If you rent the Portland Mercado Cocina you will have access to cold storage and waste water disposal

Please note that in order to be approved vendors must have:  

  • A business name
  • Marketing materials (clear sign and menu with prices)
  • Not more than 5 products per food business. 
  • Provide their own service ware, chairs and canopies
  • Have proper licensing  (https://multco.us/services/temporary-food-events)
  • Proof of insurance (see requirements here)
  • A Health Department approved kitchen (if applicable)
  • Hand washing station and comply with all other health department regulations
  • A propane permit (if applicable) https://www.portlandoregon.gov/fire/76752
  • Attend the Mandatory Hot Food Vendor Orientation on August 27th at 4:30pm (see notes below).

Please pay online at the bottom of this page, or bring your check to: Portland Mercado - 7238 SE Foster Road Portland, Oregon 97206. Office hours are Monday - Friday 10am-5pm.

Cancellations made a week ahead of the event will be fully refunded. Cancellations made less than a week before the event will not receive a refund.

Name *
Phone *
Note: All Wholesale/packaged or hot food vendors must limit to 5 items in order to provide optimal experience and a range of choices for customers. Please describe the product and what is in it.
What will you have at your booth? Note: We require that all vendors provide marketing materials, table, chairs, canopy and any equipment and licenses required.
Do you need electricity ($50)
Do you have a tent and are willing to share with another business to reduce cost and build community? Please make sure you can access your own tent if a tent share is not possible.
Propane for prepared food *
If you need to use propane, make sure that you have the applicable license from the Fire Department. You must provide us a copy of this license.
Food Service License *
If you are selling food, you must have the applicable licenses required by the county or state
Food Vendor Orientation Monday, August 27th at 4:30pm *
Your attendance to this Vendor Orientation is mandatory if you are selling food and have been a vendor at less than 3 events in Multnomah County in the past. Otherwise this is an optional Orientation.
Liability Waiver + Photo Release *
LIABILITY WAIVER I hereby give Hacienda CDC, the Portland Mercado the right to use photographs taken of me or my activity for reproduction in any medium for the purpose of trade, advertising, display and exhibition or editorial use. Release of Liability In consideration of acceptance of my entry in the above described event, I, intended to be legally bound, do hereby for myself, my heirs, my executors and administrators, waive, release and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages which may hereafter accrue to me against the below listed agencies, companies or entities, their officials, employees, and agents of any and all liability or responsibility arising from any injury received or incurred by participating in the event. I promise to inspect the event site and assure myself that the area is safe and further agree that I will not participate in the event unless I am satisfied that the area and conditions are safe. I voluntarily assume all risks arising from conditions related to the event site by others or myself. Applicant further agrees to indemnify and to hold the following organizations, their employees and agents harmless from any liability arising out of the activity applied for: (a) City of Portland, (b) Hacienda CDC, (c) Portland Mercado. I hereby acknowledge and accept the above conditions of participation and agree to assume full responsibility for the safety of myself, my equipment and any artwork, and shall not permit potentially hazardous situations within or immediately adjacent to my assigned space. I further agree to hold harmless and release Hacienda CDC, Portland Mercado, and the City of Portland all liability therefore. I understand that I must obtain my own insurance if I desire insurance coverage for the event, as no insurance coverage is provided to me by Hacienda CDC, Portland Mercado, or the City of Portland. You must accept the terms of this waiver by checking "yes" in order to be considered for TLA 2018
Payment must be received before acceptance to TLA 2018. For unapproved applications, payment will be returned. You can pay with a card online. Deliver check (must be received no later than 8/17) to 7238 SE Foster Road between normal business hours Monday - Friday 10am-5pm.


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